Thursday, March 03, 2011


Hello Girls! We’re done with the love that the month of February brought us and now we’re on the Music Madness month. Well, I’m not a music lover but I can easily love music! (Huh?)…and if others hate rock, techno and heavy metal….I loves it! I want music that is associated with anger and depressions but actually alleviates negative feelings. And if there’s one song that I hated so much, that would be NUMB of Linkin’ Park. I hate it not in the sense that I don’t like it but because it reminds me or something and merely hearing it is like anger and hatred comes back…it’s like opening the wound that I’ve been dreaming to be healed.

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Simply Dyes said...


Indeed, music evokes feelings, wanted or unwanted, from the listeners. And that is the reason why I hate this music.

btw, I could not open the link on the reason why you hate Numb.

happy GT!

mjrodriguez said...

I also like songs talking about depression and such (my special take is on heartbreak) but I have not come to appreciate too much of heavy metal songs yet.

I actually like NUMB because it is so negative (???).

Happy GT!

Vernz said...

Ok din tung hate mu na song .. yung association ng kanta..hahahah.. like it actually sheng... dropping by for GT..
GT here

darly said...

my hubby likes linkin park too- and he loves the rap part most specially. He's like a teenager boy when he raps along with it.

Yeah, i quite agree- songs are a bummer sometimes, brings back old feeling eh!

Have a great weekend girl, have a look at my entry too.
I Love Darly
Food and Passion

P.S. Nice to know a fellow blogger also residing here in Dubai, 2 na kayong kakilala ko- you and momi Kero

ladyguinevere28 said...

I forgot what is the title of that song, but I know its their first song when they come out. Happy GT

kim said...

hmmmm... so medyo personal ito..

K said...

people like to listen to music which reflect their mood, and although we might be labeled as masochists because of it, we don't care because we feel the song can understand us. i actually love linkin park back in the days, and not because i can relate to their lyrics. i just like their beats :D

sHeNgKaY said...

linkin park..remind of my college barkada..

happy GT tokayo!

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