Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's second to the last topic for this month and as you might have noticed I haven't joined the meme for the previous topics. I was so occupied last few weeks and I don't have time to even update any of my blogs.

Old Class Picture! I've got only one and it was taken a day before our graduation in elementary. I forgot if it was the teachers who were not positioned at the center or i intended not to be at their back because I might not be seen. I was the smallest in the class that time. So I don't know if you can recognized me on this photo but i was the last girl on the right.

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simply kim said...

love your pic, girl! make me feel nostalgic, lol!

care to visit MY ENTRY?

Beauty Queen Gene said...

you look really different now. i can't even recognize you even if you identified yourself in the pic. hihi


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