Wednesday, June 22, 2011


No birthday wishlist, no plan for a big celebration. I made it clear to myself that since my 31st Birthday was my last hurray to the calendar so then a grand celebration ends there. And as I turn 32 years old by tomorrow I want things to be different, I want it to be simple yet meaningful.

I came upon this idea of celebrating my birthday in a different way when a grade school classmate who is now a member of our barangay council approached me if I can sponsor a feeding program. I told her "Yes, Why not". As an OFW I can't say that I have enough money but it makes me feel good that inspite of that little hard earned money I am able to extend some help not only to my family but to some other closely related person/entities. And extending some for the malnourished kids in our barangay in exchange of a grand birthday celebration, I think would be a great idea and I hope It won't be the last. 

So for this time you won't see photos of foods and guests to come on my birthday. Maybe I will just attend an afternoon mass at Saint Mary's Church and that's it. Just an ordinary day.

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