Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was about to leave for work yesterday when my other sister got a call from someone telling that our youngest sister was rushed to Al Baraha Hospital so instead of going to work we hurriedly went to the hospital. She was at the resuscitation room of emergency department when we arrive to the hospital and we were told by her colleague who brought her to the hospital that the doctor are doing some test to know the reason of being unconscious after complaining that her sight becomes blurry.

We waited for an hour before i finally went to her room. She was already conscious but was feeling so weak.  The nurses monitored her BP which was very unstable. They also took an ECG test. After few minutes she was transferred to the observation room and we were told that she was already okay but they still have to observe and conduct more test.

Since she was already okay and conscious I've asked my other sister to look after her since i needed to go to work. Later in the afternoon she was discharged with no bills to pay since it was an emergency case. On my way to the hospital yesterday i was so worried about the bills, she doesn't have a medical insurance neither their company would atleast help her and i was sure the money i have would not be enough for the bills to pay after those several test that was done to her but then before she was discharged her immediate superior from their company talk to the owner about her case and the big boss was willing to pay the bills. 

What happen to her was.... 

She took a bus going to work without  AC and when she reached the office she became unconscious but the day before yesterday one of their colleague was also rushed to the hospital and they thought maybe because of too much ingested or inhaled paint and pesticides. Their office was painted and sprayed pesticides the day before it happened.

From the medical certificate that was issued to my sister it was really mentioned their that the cause why she became unconscious because she was poisoned and low level of potassium.

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