Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I am not a writer but i love to write.

Been lazy blogging for almost a year now. Haven't updated any of my blogs Our Lifes Together, Life At Work, The Other Side of Me and when FS finally moved to a gaming site I've also lost my very first blog:(

And you know what made me realize that i needed to write again....that's because of iamtatum. I've always been reading serious topics on bloggers friend blogs maybe because most of them are making money out of it.

And now that I've read a sort of humorous entries on blog, it suddenly changed my mood that i wanted to atleast write something on my lazy hours at work. So let's see if there will be some updates in any of my blogs on the following days..

Goodluck to me....i hope tomorrow FB doesn't exist anymore:)


kimmy said...

well, really wish you luck on that, girl!

sheng said...

thanks for the visit dear kimmy...

yeah, really good luck to me...

Shah said...

Nice Blog..Infact you are a good writer..Joined your blog now


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