Saturday, January 04, 2014


I don't remember when was the last time i had my New Year's Resolution but this year i wanna make sure i have one.

To start with, this year is mainly dedicated to ME, MYSELF and I. A pampering year.

1. Be Beautiful. I'll make sure i will be able to visit the salon once in a month.
2. Be Healthy. Health will be the top priority this year. I'll do exercise, eat healthy food and be stress free.
3. To enhance ones ability and talent. I'll probably read more books than do the fb thing most of the time, enroll a short course, update my blogs regularly.
4.  Explore. I'll probably try some new places to visit, new restaurants to dine, new hobby to do, and many other things i havent' tried doing for the past years.

For now that's the top list.

Goodluck to me!

1 comment:

kimmy said...

hehe! hurray to that, girl! i guess i'll walk more often this year, then update my blogs more regularly, lol! Happy New Year!


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