Wednesday, February 12, 2014


For the longest time, I maintained a weight not greater that 100lbs, well I guess the genes has something to do about it. I do eat a lot but never gained more than the usual and normal weight but not for the last 3 months. Right now I weigh 48Kg (405lbs), my tummy is bulging which i thought i was pregnant because my period was delayed for 2 weeks already, but I'm not. I had my visitor yesterday. :(

Oh, suddenly here I am updating my blog! Thanks to Niko!!

Yesterday while chatting with her via FB, she told me some of her secrets on maintaining her beauty despite having 3 kids and a career. One of her secret is the 4 minute metafit work out by Coach Jhim.

Immediately I've searched it on Youtube and here it is!

At this point of time, I needed to do this after having difficulty on chosing which one to wear everyday because most of my clothes doesn't fit me now.

While typing this one, I have just finished this 4 minute metafit workout actually. Hopefully I can do it everyday especially when no one is around in the office. 

Well yeah, I have mentioned it on my 2014's Resolution that i will try to be healthy and now that I am not really pregnant I will consider going back to Ceragem as well.

Goodluck to me.

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