Saturday, March 15, 2014


Here I am doing the usual one, FB'ing! I don't know if such word exists when referring to Facebook Addiction. Anyway, what brought me here today? I also don't know actually...

Kinda bored and though I have pending works to do, i feel like delaying it would be best for now. Well, the answer why I am here updating this blog is that I wanna update you on what I've been doing lately.

To start...

A year ago I have subscribed to Glambox Middle East after reading Kero's review on the first products that was sent to her. This March is the 16th month that I am receiving their products which introduced me to many other known/unknown products I haven't tried before. This coming Wednesday I am invited to attend an Evening with Glambox, which I am really excited.

Haven't I shared it that since last year I have been collecting make up products and accessories? Well, I think I really haven't shared some of those products yet. I was so lazy updating this blog and most probably that was still on my "to blog list" which I don't know if I still got the chance to write about it. Oh, going back to those collections, early this year I have started using it. I have not been attending parties or going out with my girlfriends lately so I don't got the chance to use those products and because it may just expire without touching it, What I did, I started doing my own make up while at work through the help of makeup tutorials from YouTube. What's funny about it.…I look so nice and beautiful while everybody else in the Metro looks so haggard and tired on my way home. I can't show photos for now because I haven't taken any. My cameras stay at home and then my Samsung Galaxy S4 was lost last month.

Part of the Healthy Lifestyle that Hubby and I promised to do this year, which later became a "must" for him after visiting a Cardiologist. We started a regular exercise and a weekly 6km jog and walk at any jogging track around Dubai for the last 3 weeks. Also, as advised we are more conscious with the food we eat now, no fatty foods.

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