Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What about starting the day at work by applying nail polish?

This will be my first time to write a review for a nail polish. I don't know if it sound's weird to you that I am doing it at work, but yeah, i do it here even my make up.

I loved nail polish since i was a teenager and I had this addiction to it since Jolina Magdangal started her trend of colorful nails. Now, for the longest time that I've been loving nail polish I will write my first ever review about it.

Since I came to Dubai I always have this collections of nail polish and usually I have my nails done once or twice in a week depending on how it lasted on my nails. Lately I've been loving those nail polish with flat brushes like rimmel and vipera. I find it more easy to apply with flat brushes and i thought those two brands were the best already until i tried l'oreal brand. I bought this L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Polish 211 Opulent Pink from Centerpoint a month ago but I have just tried it today. So far this is the best among all those nail polish on my collections. It is amazing with intense color and luxurious shine, it goes in thin coats and dries fairly quickly. I hope it really last more that a week as it says that it is a 10 day wear.

For sure there will be more purchases of this colour riche nail from L'oreal, another collections of differents colors maybe.

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