Sunday, May 11, 2014


Kinda sad that while most of the woman celebrates motherhood today, here I am wishing I'll be one of them soon.

For some personal reason, I don't have that special attachment with my mother. I grew up wishing I wasn't born nor I am proud that I have her as my Mom, but as I grew old especialy when Hubby and I was already trying to have a baby of our own I realized that I owe to her whoever I am today. Maybe I am not blessed with baby yet because I wasn't that grateful to have her. 

Well, of course I may not be the best child she has but from the bottom of my heart I am so thankful for having her. I feel sorry for all the things I did that made her cry. I may have lost many years not realizing her worth but I hope through all the sacrifices I did for our family, somehow I have been a good daughter already. I have a lot more things to do just to make her feel how happy I am to have her and I hope it is not yet too late. 

Thank You Ma for bringing a beautiful girl into this world. Thank You for all the sacrifices for us. Thank You for all the support and encouragement. Thank You for everything you did for us. I LOVE YOU MA. Happy Happy Mother's Day!

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