Thursday, March 19, 2015


I was moved, speechless in a way. I've read it many times Yesterday. Can't help not to read it again and again even up to now, not because It was a real good read but because It was the same thing I have been wanting to write for such a long time. 

Well, since It was already written with no other than my little bro, I will just copy paste it here for you guys to read also. It's US!

We were mocked once. A big family of eight children in a so-called unfortunate situation. A high school undergrad parents who sheltered their sons and daughters in a very simple abode – sometimes deprived of a three full meal a day but still trying to survive. A family who has to be separated from time to time from each other for what we think is necessary. A family others thought to be going nowhere. . .

This is not a monologue of grudge. This is not made with a feeling of resentment. This is an epistle of gratitude – a bit sarcastic though sincere. A letter with pride in a humble disposition. A missive meant to inspire not to blow our own horn though right now my heart sings its praises.

Let me tell our story. We were once below the poverty line. Broth with young shoots of sweet potato (which sometimes lack ingredients) is our best cuisine. Root crops are our viand. Canned goods (which we always call ‘salmon’ no matter what the brand is or what kind of fish it is made) are our sweet escape. It’s not that really bad. It’s just way too far from what we always wished to taste and eat. We study in a dim light of gas lamp. We go to school sometimes with no penny in a pocket or worse no food in our stomach. We have to took a lengthy stride to school. But we continue to endure. We have to. . .as our Mama did. That’s the only way her sacrifice can make any sense. That’s the only way we can even the odds and show the world that how may little we were, we are still capable of something other’s thought we can’t.

And now I just want to thank all of those who ridicule us. They’re last on the list though. They somehow did inspire us. We were stirred to move forward away from those scorns. I now appreciate all of those. Though it was a bit harsh motivation, it still serves its purpose. Luckily we’re strong that we were not swayed other way around by those. But I couldn’t still suggest that it’s a recommended stimulus.

First on the list, I thank Almighty God. Above all, He’s still the best motivator. He’s the one who give us the strength to move forward. He’s giving us all the help we needed though we never realized it during those moments. His grace and mercies cannot put forth in words. He’s the greatest and forever will be. Second, I thank my parents especially to my Mama. It is a job well done for you guys! We will all never make it if without you. And now to my sisters who continue to support us. I have always been saying this, thank you thank you very much! I’ll always be lucky to be born with you as my siblings. And to my brothers, just continue to spice up our lives. I hope we could all do better. Haha. To Uncle David, I’ve been saying thank you a lot. And I will still say thank you. To my classmates, friends and close friends, we finally did it! Let’s say hooray!
I would just like to mention that as the saying goes, I do believe that poverty is not a hindrance to success. This remains true. We somehow did prove it and still proving it. We may still not that affluent, but we will be there someday. I just want to rephrase the previous quotation: Poverty is not an excuse. Let this not be a gravity to pull us, the unfortunate, down. Rather let this be an upward driving force for us, to prove to ourselves and others that in this world a little man can be a mighty David in front of Golliaths.

Before I end this valedictory address [just feeling :D], together with my sisters and brother, we proudly say that officially it already makes us five graduates in the family. We may not be all but at least there’s more than half of us. And so we dare to say, that we are our family’s pride!

Thanks be to God!

Enjoy readin'...

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