Tuesday, January 06, 2015

GOODBYE 2014, HELLO 2015

Months, Years had passed and I almost forgot to update this blog, as usual. Well, to sum up what had happened last year which maybe considered as best and worst of 2014, let me share some good/bad things that happened.

ASMSI Family
Our expat life will never be boring because I have the biggest family I can run too. They have filled our lives with many colors, made every moments of togetherness a meaningful one.

We had the best Christmas here in Dubai, two of our spiritual mother, Sr. Tess and Sr. Elena visited us. 

Family, Siblings, Flatmates/Friends in Dubai
Shared our 2014 with the best people around. Some had came and some had left but forever they will leave footprints in our lives.

For the longest time that I was in resentment , this year I had the best feeling of somehow being free from hatred and anger to some people who have left so much pain in me for the past years. I felt so relieved, Thanks to that little kiddo who made it possible.

New Year, New Home
Feeling so financially broke as we welcome 2015, the flat we've lived for 6 years was not renewed which made us look for a new place. A new place means one month advance, one month deposit plus the fact that we spent a lot also for Christmas and New Year, also to add some new things we bought for the new home but anyway we have a very cozy place now.

We enjoyed having our little buddy last year, celebrated her first year with last November. At first we thought it will be an additional burden but then later we realized it's all worth it. 

I had stopped my fertility medication early last year. Spent so much on it but still nothing happened. For Hubby, it was the worst year. He was brought to emergency last February, followed by so many other check ups with same problem and yet it kept coming back. Hoping we could save enough this year for his thorough check up.

That's all I guess for the highlights of our 2014. Hoping that 2015 will be a good year for us.

Goodluck! Cheers!!

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