Saturday, January 12, 2008


When I met you friend you know
I feel I am so sure
That you will make my heart
So happy and aglow
But when you left me so,
My dream it was not true
But I open my eyes I see you there
Leaving me behind...
Oh it is a time that you almost always
makes me cry..
Before you say GOODBYE..
I wanna let you know..
Thank you for playing my music
Thank you for singing my song
Thank you for sharing a moment
'coz with you I feel I really belong..
Thank you for keeping me company..
Thank you for being my friend
And if our path should cross somewhere
somewhen I'd like to sing this song..
Though you're far away,
But the things are always the same
'Coz to you I found a sister
Whom I care..
I came across the lyrics of this song sa site nmin... Isa ito sa song na sobrang nag papaiyak sa lahat ng graduates ng Sisters of Mary. 11 year5s ago...sobrang tindi rin ng iyak ko noon habang kinakanta nmin to the day before mag hiwa hiwalay kasi nga graduate na kami.
Today, i'd like to dedicate this song to my most treasured friend here in Dubai.

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