Saturday, October 25, 2008


I guess i have the oldest phone in town...I don't care! Some friends have been asking why dont you change your mobile? I don't really understand why they have to ask me that question. It's because its old and phase out model? So what's the matter? I can make a call and receive messages using it!!!
I bought several mobiles phones but end up sending it to my siblings. Why? Coz i'm contented with my C168 Motorolla phone, i love and dearly care of it. It has a sentimental value why i just can't change it for a new one. It was a birthday present from a black american friend whom i'v e met online last 3 years back. His name is Willie who is married to a Filipina who became my friend also.

Another thing, i saved all my contacts on it and not on the sim. And all other old messages which i have not transfered yet to my diary is saved on it.

Now, can't hardly accept that i can no longer used it. Huhuhu


niko said...

i am using motorola since last year too, and i love it! ive been using it as a camera too!! :)

sabi ni hubby palitan ko na raw, yoko nga! :D

musta ka na ate??

honeybhing23 said...

am ok niko! though namimiss ko tlga cp k... nag away kasi kami ni pangit and binato nia cp ko huhuhu...

musta baby yena ko?


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