Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night I told my husband that I was praying for Obama to win the US Presidential Election and he replied me what benefits will it bring you if he wins? Astonished to what he replied, I answered him that are you not aware of the global financial crisis?

I wish to tell him that I have a great hope that Obama will really bring the greatest CHANGE to US and even to the whole world. How I wanted him to agree with me but I know… like always… we usually have a different views of everything we discussed.

It’s the first time I was concerned of who will be the next president of United States. I don’t know what kind of charisma that Obama has….. for me to like him to be the next president.

Congratulations to him!


niko said...

hi ate!

i like obama too! i knew that he will win.. sawa na america sa republican e!

pero sana pede tau magvote noh?? hehe

musta na ikaw/?

honeybhing23 said...

ok lang ako niko... medyo maayos ang takbo ng buhay ko bilang may asawa...charrreeng..hehehe

Rache said...

hi, I heard nga he'll be a great president - first na gagawin nya ay gawing permanent resident and later u.s. citizen ang mga tnt na nasa america na walang criminal record - laking benefit non lalo na sa mga kababayan natin na tnt sa america ;)

p.s. pag magasawa talaga maraming differences noh... i saw your other blog pala... soon i'll comment about one of your entry there..

Umma said...

I voted for Obama.. Im an avid fan of him..I got hooked on the MSNBC news politics and I always follow news about him.

When the night he won, so much tears and joys that were so overwhelming. I believe he can bring change to the White House, now that US economy is in deep trouble.


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