Thursday, January 29, 2009


My system was down...not totally but it automatically restart every after 15-20 minutes, the reason why all my blogs are not updated. Niko's tags are on a queue and many other things needs to be posted. Got to wait for my computer to be check by an IT.
Anyway, since i can also used the computer of my boss when he's not around... let me update few things about me for the past days. Early this month, i have attended Pacman's (Pangit's Company) Dhow Cruise Party. It was my second time for a dhow cruise dinner and it was great coz the weather is nice. On the third week before Vanessa left, we went to the creek side for the Dubai Shopping Festival. The night souq wasn't great this time. Some perfume, watch & clothing shops were there but mostly Indian made.
One month almost since we transfered to a new Flat (ABC 1, Flat 609) and i've learned to stay at home always...watching tv, cooking, doing all the household chores, chit chatting with flat mates and sleeping. I wonder that from an outgoing lady i now become a homebody!

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