Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thanks Niko! It's the first thing i did this morning.

Here are my TOP 5 Addictions:
  1. Chat - I was 18 when i started to chat and explore the chatroom. I've been to different regions of the world, met a lot of good and rude chatters and found few friends. I remember the longest hour i stayed in an internet cafe was from 12 am to 12mn.
  2. Watch Movies Online - I don't have enough time to go to Cinema or even watch movies at home so i watch movies online whenever i'm not busy at work.
  3. Fruit & Vege's - Something i can't live for a day.
  4. Call Home - I call my mom twice a week as much as possible.
  5. Go Out - I've always love going out but since Pangit came i can't do it as much as i wanted to... Hmmm

Now i want to tag Donna.


~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

wow! may tag ako
sige gagawin ko yan
ako pa!
adik ako sa tag

niko said...

WOW!!! id like to watch movie online too.. anung gamit mong website ate?? kasi nag istop sa ibang website eh.. kakasuya manood hahah

honeybhing23 said...

hi niko, addict ako manood ng korean movies sa then pag teleserye nman sa then sa youtube..

pampalipas ko yan ng oras sa ofis...hehehe


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