Sunday, March 15, 2009


Recently i've been complaining about my tummy, it's getting bigger each day and i hate it. Some friends were already asking if i'm pregnant, but i'm not. Early this year i have noticed that even at a short distance walk i easily got tired and hardly take a breath. Then when i have checked my weight i've learned that i gained almost 6.6lbs. Well, actually it was not something to be worried so far coz it was just a matter of 6.6lbs unlike others they worry about 120lbs and above.

Gaining weight is everyone's wish for me especially my mom. So i was glad that finally i have gained weight but having my tummy getting bigger each day irritates me. I can no longer wear some of my clothes and i have to buy new one's which is out of my budget. Now i understand that it's really expensive to gain weight.

Blamed it to my laziness for having this 3 months baby bumps tummy. Been too lazy at work. I could not even stand when i have to reached something from behind instead i would used my chair to get where i want to. I would only stand if i have to take water from the pantry or go to the comfort room. Then at home, since my hubby came to Dubai i started to eat a lot during dinner then right after i would sleep. Morning time, no stretching, no exercise nothing. The only exercise i have each day was a mins of walk going to the bus stop.

So last week i started to have that banana diet in the morning then less rice / carbs during dinner. Instead of fatty foods i always prepared that vegetable salad at night and more fruits. I just hope it will be helfpul.

I wish to have that same falt tummy on the picture shown below. I guess i really have to discpline myself now. But honestly it was the first time for me to worry about it coz i was slim for my whole life but not now.


niko said...

akala ko ur on the way na eh!! wohoho. ok lang yan ate sheng.. my tummy has some excess tooo hhah :)

oh well good luck sa banana diet ha!! i heard maganda ang slim fit tea.. proven by my officemate.. try it when u really want to be slim :)


honeybhing23 said...

actually nde pa nman cia kalakihan kaso nga lang ako sanay na ganito ang tiyan ko huhuhu

i'm taking a green everyday instead of coffee...

ingat din lagi...


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