Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was watching teleserye "Tayong Dalawa" last night when suddenly it was disconnected. Then a friend of mine called me informing that there was a snow fall...asking if it was raining in our area also.... i told her "NO"...then a few seconds later i heard thunderstorms and when i checked it on the was raining so hard with snow like particles falling at the same time.

I was so glad that atlast i saw a snow fall (i thought) but then my flat mates told me that it was not a snow instead a hail stone. ok fine whatever!

So then what is a hail?

Base on Wikipedia Hail is a form of precipitation which consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice (hailstones). Hailstones on Earth usually consist mostly of water ice and measure between 5 and 150 millimeters in diameter, with the larger stones coming from severe thunderstorms.

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