Thursday, July 08, 2010


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I've been wishing that I hope when I wake up the next day it's already mid of 2011. I've told my friends to wait for me next year for that shopping extravaganza. I’ve got loan and credit cards to pay till next year and when it’s all paid I can already pamper myself with everything that I wanted to buy.

I hate myself for overspending during the past years and I hate that almost 60% of my salary now goes to loan and credit cards payment. I admire those ladies who can manage their finances coz I can’t do that. I love to spend my money till the last coins that I have. And now that I am totally broke all I can do is not to dwell on my financial problems because it will just drag me down. Surely thinking for nights and day about my loans and credit card to pay will not solve the problem. And it’s enough to mull over about it just for a minutes.

I have learned that I should not spend beyond my means…but neither i regret being financially broke for almost 3 years now when i know i've been the best sister to my siblings by helping them achieve their dreams..

Happy GT Everyone!!!


Kero said...

The important thing is you have the means to pay them back di ba? tsaka i'm sure madami ka din naman natulungan in the course of your spending.

In the end, what matters most is we are healthy and we have our loved ones around us.

Happy Thursday, Sheng! Enjoy the weekend =)

My GT entry is here sweet life you got and you well deserve it for working hard!

my GT entry is here

Paula said...

Oh, you can do it! Don't worry time will surely pass and the next year is just around the corner. You're lucky pa nga other people took years to pay for their credit. One more year of sacrifice and you're right back on track. :)

Sherry said...

sis my post is up

I know how you feel, my dear having credit card debts, supposed finished paying but he purchase something and now the debt cannot settle I think also need 2 yrs or more to settle. :(

charmie said...

Sometimes its always nice to spend more. NO worries, just spend. But as long you have a capacity to pay it back , that wouldn't be the problem. Surely you can pass it through. You enjoyed it naman di ba?Kaya ok lang yon!

Ako nga dumating dito, I suffered to much to pay back sa placement fee.. 2 1/2 years yon wasting that stupid interest. But got over it.

Happy GT!

Mommy Liz said...

welcome to the club pala tayo sistah!! sabi ko nga ke hubby in 2 years time we will be alright, matapos lang ang 2 car payments at computer namin, oks na oks na kami. Gastadora ako Sheng, habang me nakikitang pera sa bank, sige lang shopping, wahhhh! me gamot kaya sa pagiging gastadora?? we need to search online baka sakaling gumaling tayo. But know what? kahit financially broke ka napagtapos mo mga kapatid mo, which is a big achievement, oha???

Vernz said...

Promise mu yan. although walang nakulung sa loans sheng.. it does not give you peace of mine ... even if the money goes to good hands... but time will come... discipline is the key dear... muah! mine is up at Woman’s elan vital

Rossel said...

it's just one of God's trials. now that you have learned your lessons, i am sure He will help you to be on track again.

Chie Wilks said...

ohh....that's I hate credit cards and love debit'll get through it sis..

K said...

well i'm sure you've learned your lesson well ;) at saka sabi nga ni kero, you have the means naman to pay off your debts, and you are willing to pay them, and that's what matters :)

see ya next week! ;)

Lucia ♥ said...

No worries dearie, everyone loves to spend and it is a natural thing that we sometimes spend more than we can earn, but what is important is that you are a clever woman who knows how to use her brain and soon you will pay all your debts and then you can start saving and have more money to pamper yourself to the max! Good luck on everything, I know you can do it! Hope you are having a nice weekend <3


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