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By chance we were able to visit the fun fair areas on Al Rigga Street yesterday after Hubby's check up in Al Noor Polyclinic. We actually had our dinner at Golden Pork and while we were eating Hubby was wondering why there was so many people going towards the mosque. He wasn't aware that Al Rigga is one of the main destination of Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 and so after dinner i  asked them if we can have a look at the place.

So there it was...a number of attraction from night souq along Al Rigga Street, colorful game stalls at the mini fun fair area, delicious street side treats and a lively atmosphere with people from all ages.

Here's an arab little boy at the big water-filled pool with tiny pedal-powered rafts. He was the only brave little boy who tried to pedal the rafts last night.


I'm not afraid of heights but i don't think i can promise to try this crazy ball rides (not sure of the name). I've seen few couples who tried it and they enjoyed the ride so far.

And here we go at the redemption,  electical, and inflatable games area.
We also bought something from the night souq stalls along the street and the prices are half of that in the malls.

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clavs said...

hey there! I am following your blog, visit and follow mine 2! tnx.

Ria said...

Hello Sheng!

Kamusta na? Ang saya naman dyan sa Al Rigga. It's so quiet here in Ghusais (which is what I prefer...).

I'll follow your blog para regular na ako maka-visit sa iyo :)

God Bless and hope your day is great!
Ria C

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