Sunday, June 05, 2011


I dreamed of becoming a teacher when I was in grade school but unfortunately after having witnessed how difficult it was to be a teacher by merely seeing my higschool teacher, I told myself that I will never be a teacher.

For most of you who might be reading this entry would somehow asked why it turned out that I hated being a teacher where as it was my ultimate dream. Well, can you imagine a teacher who stands all the time except during his/her break, walk up and down the stairs (1st - 6th floor) on different buildings, it was the students who evaluates and decides whether they will be hired or they can continue teaching, works till Saturday morning and does many other things that the management requires...

That's how simply my fave teacher's life, Ms. Grace Paloma, when she was still teaching at The Sisters of Mary School. Pretty sure, she and the rest of the teachers of my Alma Matter had a real hard teaching experiences there which in return they got the highest compensation from all their sacrifices and dedication to teach and educate us.

Ma'am PALOMA as what we call her was a Social Studies Teacher. She was for me, a Terror! A small but terrible good looking teacher. She usually smiles when she enters the room but sometimes you wouldn't like her smiling while saying "Good Morning Class" because the next she might would asked is to take a 1/4 sheet of paper for a short quiz from yesterday's lesson. What if you didn't got a chance to even go over with your notes or read the lessons on your book? Or if there will be no suprise quiz, a recitation maybe which she randomly calls a certain name but actually looking to someone else. I got that experience wherein she called me but since she was looking to another student i thought she was referring to her. When she shouted at me asking what was the answer, that was the only time I realized that it was me she's calling.

Well, she maybe a terror teacher inside the classroom but she was also a good friend outside the four corners of a classroom. A very energetic teacher...

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