Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The other day i got a call from Ghaleyah Travel telling me that i won a gift during the 113th PID Celebration. Feeling lucky then, Hubby and I went to Al Attar Shopping Center where their office is located to collect the "gift".

We arrived to their office just right on time and while waiting for that certain gift we (i, the receptionist and another winne had a litte talked about the cost of visa and ticket plus other documents needed in sponsoring a relative/friend to come here in Dubai.

Few minutes later, we were asked to enter the conference hall wherein the moment we entered i know that some business opportunity might be introduced. There were bottles and packed of perfume on top of the table and a white board which my merely looking on what's written on it that there would really be a business oportunity. In short, the raffle ticket's during the PID Celebration was just a part of their marketing strategy and a presume that there was no such thing as winner instead all those who signed to the raffle tickets were being called so they can introduced their product/business opportunity.

So then the Marketing Manager came and told us that while waiting for our gift she will present something that we might be interested. She introduce a PERKS Card which cost 250AEd as membership fee and she explained some of the benefits of the card like; can avail discounts starting from 5% - 20% from selected restaurants, shops, salon etc etc, purchase from any of their perfumes would only cost 7.50AED and a business opportunity which looks like a Multi Level Marketing.

The offer was good enough for a membership fee of 250 AED but then being a distributor of a well known MLM Company I know how it works and that i don't want to get involved to another one.

As a token for our time listening to the Marketing Manager was local made perfume which she said that the original scent came from Paris. Well, not a bad gift anyway for someone celebrating a birthday.

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