Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Hurt me and I will start blogging again. I think two of my followers knows that when I do not blog or write anything that only means I am happy. Ideas and words overflows when I'm down, sad and hurt. So for the last few weeks that I did not update my blog it means that I am enjoying my life with the people I love.

Well yeah, I was happy though there were days that Hubby pissed me off yet I was able to control and manage myself not to over react on what he has done. Our 6th wedding anniversary and his birthday had past and yet I haven't shared anything here.

And now I am waiting for that time that someone would hurt me (not really that), i mean would encourage me to blog again like what Niko used to tell me before. I've missed her, haven't talked or chat with her lately which i understand coz she's on the way with their second child.

Wish me luck on that then...

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