Sunday, February 26, 2012


I remember when i turned 31 i told my friends that it would be the last time i would spend for a birthday party so when i turned 32 i decided that instead of a party i have sponsored a feeding program in our barangay back home. The beneficiaries were the pupils of my grade school Alma Matter and the remain was distributed among the residents of our barrio.

Well that was just a way of thanking God for another life he has given us, extending some help for others who are not members of our family.  

Likewise, in the bloggers world I've notice that giveaways are very common as part of thanksgiving for any celebration in a family or anniversaries of their blogs itself. Some are giving away $$$ or some stuffs like what Ria is giving away on her 40th birthday. Ria is a fellow blogger from Dubai whom i met from Girls Talk Meme. She owns the following blogs which i would like you guys to visit as you will enjoy reading all her posts.

And if you are one of those blogger who have luck in winning some goodies from giveaways, you might try joining her 40th birthday bash giveaway. Just click here for more details. Good luck to us:) 


Ria said...

Thanks for joining sis :) Good luck :) Hugs!

Ria said...

thanks for the bday greeting sis! May giveaway ulit ako, it started yesterday and will end on 22 March and the other one will start on 22 March all the way until 21 April. Join na :)

Ingat and enjoy your weekend!

Ria C


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