Saturday, April 07, 2012


Feeling bored? It's been months since my last post and though i really hate to start blogging again, i think i have no choice but to do it. Blamed it on FB why i almost forgot that i have 3 official blogs and 1 online diary. Who were not addicted to Facebook then?

Anyway, four months has been long enough for being lazy. I owe those who sometimes visit this blog an update. Well, so many things had happen but i don't get the chance or the will to blog about it until i had this blog opps from linkworth last week.

To update: We had our vacation last November 30 to January 6, 2012. I was supposed to undergo a diagnostic hystero laparoscopy for endometriosis but after consulting a doctor, we decided not to proceed with the procedure because i will not be allowed to travel an international flight within 30 days and to add that the cost of the surgery is so high. 

 We spent Christmas and New Year in Philippines which for the first time i enjoyed my vacation.

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