Thursday, June 05, 2014


I tried it and it's amazing!

Just recently I had problems with split ends and though I haven't really tried some hair oil in the past, I bought this Hydrating Macademia Dry Styling Oil from Life Pharmacy near our area. Actually I never heard about it until I've watched a You Tuber mentioned it from her beauty haul, and I also found out that one of our flatmate who is really conscious with the products she uses, has been using it for her hair. 

It's been 3 days that I've been using it and I know it's too early for a good comments or review on this product, but yeah it works really amazing! I had it on my hair the night I bought it and when i woke up the next day my hair are not tangly and greasy like the usual. 

Right today, I applied few drops on my hair after shower and when my hair were dried up it's soft, weigh down and had a little volume on the roots. Surely, it will work wonders on  my long hair. 

Full review will follow after a month.


cheekeegirl said...

How much is that when converted to Philippine peso?

sheng said...

Hi Cheekeegirl! Cost may range from 600-650Php.


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