Tuesday, June 24, 2014

@ 35

Turned Thirty Five Yesterday! 
Gosh, I hate getting older but sad to say we can't get away from the number that is added to our age each year. I remain young at heart and I have never felt that I am this much old now lol!

Yesterday was just an ordinary day. No celebration.
A day before my birthday I already know what I wanted to do and thank God it did happen as planned. I’ve asked for one day leave from work before I leave the office on Sunday afternoon which was immediately granted without asking any reasons.

My very own day...
I get up from bed at 10 am though I really did woke up at 5:30am to prepare Hubby's food for work, when he left I go back to bed. Had my breakfast at 1030am. I am on a special diet for almost two weeks now, breakfast usually includes green smoothies just like what I had that morning or oatmeal/banana with yoghurt. After having my breakfast I've cleaned the kitchen.

Homey at 609 ABC 1

At noon time, I've watched Pinoy old movies of TFC with our flatmate Joyce and later told her that I'll go with her when she leaves for work. We are supposed to take a bus going to her work but when we went down from the building it was so hot, so I decided to take a taxi going to City Center. Since taking a taxi will take us early to our destination, Joyce decided to come with me at NStyle to claim for a polish change coupon that I had from Glambox Middle East's April Box. 

NStyle Deira City Center

From City Center we took another taxi going to Joyce’s office and I went to Al Ghurair Center. I had my southwest salad for Lunch at Chickenow. Later, I roamed around the mall and ended at Max Fashion Retail Store, bought few blouses and shirts for my niece and nephew back home. Then I went home.

Lunch & Shop at Al Ghurair Center

As I always say, I have stopped celebrating my birthday when I turned 31 and I preferred to spend the money for children back home. For the past 4 years, I tried to sponsor a feeding session to the school children in our barangay but this year since I have two nieces born on the same month, anything I wanted to spend for my birthday celebration I send it for theirs.

So last night's dinner with my batchmate, flatmate and sister was just a simple treat. We had our hot pot meal which we all enjoyed because of the much awaited meet up of my flatmate and batchmate. Hoping for a love story to begin soon.

Dinner at Xia Wei Yang, Deira Abra

My FB Notification was off and yet I received a lot of greetings. Thankie Guys! 

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