Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey Look What I Received Yesterday from Post?

It was just months ago when I noticed that my Google AdSense doesn't work anymore on my blogs. I remember I received mails regarding this matter before which I didn't mind at all until I saw my earnings. It's $$$ Men! I don't know what to do neither I have someone to ask for. Oh yeah, got some few blogger friends who can help me but I am a little bit hesitant since they've known me blogging for quite a long time and one of them even taught me how to monetize my blogs. So it will look like how stupid I am not to know important things like that. What I did, I've read details about it online and finally was able to request a new pin just to activate my AdSense again. That time I wasn’t really sure if Google going to send my request. I haven't been blogging regularly and I don't see any reason for them to support me, but still there was hope in me that they will and yeah they did send me. Thanks Google!

Oh by the way, after sending my request I have informed my all-time mentor when it comes to blogging, my friend and fellow ASMSI, Niko that I have some earnings since 2010 which I was not aware of. Like always, she has been very supportive to me and she told me "Teh Push Mo Yan". She told me that Google will send me the pin via e-mail which I did not receive actually because they have sent it to me through Post Box. I don't know when they did send it to me because I haven't visited our company post box for the last 3 weeks though for sure it might have come about two weeks ago.

What happen next that my google AdSense is active again? Well, seriously this time I will be more visible through blogging (fingers crossing). I might as well venture into another activity which will definitely need AdSense for the payment.

Good luck to me.

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