Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ladies, have you been in this situation where you wanted so hard to perfect your winged eyeliner yet you can't? And why on earth that I am trying it? Blame it to Glambox I guess for sending me these products hehehe... 
Yeah since the start of subscribing to Glambox Middle East, I started to used things or do things I've never done before and one of that is using an eyeliner. It's a girl thing which I should have used since teens maybe but because I am not really into make up, I never learned trying it while young. So lately, these photos on the left was my latest past time while at work. 

It's kinda hard applying it for the first time but like what they said "practice makes perfect". Well, I don't know...judge it from the photo if I did it well already hehehe.

For the following months maybe, I'll share with you which products is easy to use or maybe a review from all the items I have now.

Goodluck for beauty me!

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