Sunday, July 27, 2014


That day I turned 30, I know things won't be the same anymore and the mere thought of it reminds me on how the old folks in our province associates childhood activities with our health when we get older. They would often say "Ineng, wag abusuhin ang sarili dahil pagtanda mo saka mo lang mararamdaman ang resulta nyan", which I don't really mind. I never listened to what they've said.

Now that I am on my 30's I realized I should have listen to them. I feel like I was never the same when I was on my 20's. I am not that strong physically anymore. Healthwise, I am now very sickly. :(

While listening the audio book of The Fault in our Stars I can't help not to feel bad, not for the characters but for myself. I know that there's something wrong within my body and as i listen to the a-book, what if I too has this kind of terminal cancer? Am I being to paranoid here? I guess, Yes. 

For a simple background, my Grand Dad I believed died with Cancer  followed by my cousin who also died with ovarian cancer. So whenever I feel something stranged of myself I always think of maybe I will not live longer than 60. I might die with cancer too :( How paranoid I am!

Just a simple thought while listening to The Fault of Stars.

This entry is kinda weird and out of __________? I just thought of writing something even if things are not _________.

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