Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Photo from Nume

Oh Yeah! I've been spending so much lately for beauty products, skin care and hair care and the current purchase I did was that Pink Nume Titan 3 Styling Sets. Kinda pricy actually, original price was $250 but I got it $117.44 including delivery and tax (US & UAE) after deducting discounts that I got from a YouTube Vlogger I am subscribed (whom I forgot the name).

Well, I don't really like curly hair. I always wanted it straight and for the longest time I never tried curling my hair even when attending a party. I already bought one curling iron before but I've used it few times only. Lately, while watching Beauty YouTubers making reviews about this Nume Curling Iron I got interested to buy but when I saw it online that it's too expensivem, I said "No, Never" but 3 weeks ago I was just so lucky to have almost 60% discount, so yeah, I ordered it and it came one week after.

The styling set came with a beautiful pink & white tube case + a black gloves to protect your hand while curling your hair.

Photo of Gloves from Ebay

Well, I am actually a beginner in doing those curles on my hair, I found it a bit harder to do than make up but for sure practice will makes it perfect. 

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